Bringing collectors and artists together

It’s a joy when a collector is searching for a piece of art and an artist is looking to sell and the two click like a jigsaw puzzle falling into place. That’s exactly what happened recently when a collector friend of mine asked me to help her source a piece of art for her flat in Los Angeles. Having become familiar with the LA art scene while living there for 6 years, I was instantly able to make a few suggestions.  My friend loved the work of established artist, Emma Ferreira, who I suggested, and we trotted off to meet Emma at her studio

Although born in England, Emma Ferreira now lives in LA . Her work received much attention recently, when it was auctioned at Christie's Beverly Hills. It continues to be sold to private estates, corporate collections, and galleries throughout the world.

My Collector friend chose this gorgeous mixed media photographic piece to hang in her flat

Black Velvet by Emma Ferreira

Black Velvet by Emma Ferreira

Since moving to New York recently, the piece of art now sits, pride of place in the NY apartment. It’s so wonderful when collaborations like this just fall into place