Ribbons by Toni Cogdell.jpg

Toni Cogdell

Toni works from her own studio in Bristol, exhibiting her work across the UK as well as selling internationally. After graduating from Bath School of Art in 2002 she launched straight into her studio practice, gradually honing her process and techniques for her personal style to emerge, seeking to connect with the world around her. 

In locating the area between figuration and abstraction Toni finds a freedom which allows her to go deeper into the intangible substance of the psyche and human condition without restricting or enforcing definitive ideas. Pulling recognisable truths into the work while giving reign to the unknown and ensuing contradiction to hold its own space, her paintings are looking for a balance; a kind of peace. 

Like the movement of birds across the sky and the outward motion of ripples in water, our dreams and designs constantly travel beyond us: beyond the clay of our bodies, gravitating towards kin, leaving invisible threads with which to weave a life. 

It is this meandering, reciprocating arc between spirit and matter that my work attempts to trace; exploring the constant dialogue, contrasts and tensions between the lives we lead and the lives we feel, our outer and inner worlds. Our individuation as well as our innate connection to nature, time and ultimately to each other. Telling the story of us from the inside out, through painting. Somewhere between a wish and a call to arms.