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Lynne Miller

Lynne Miller, from North Carolina,  creates encaustic paintings that are inspired by the beauty in all that surrounds us.  She draws on her love of nature and illustration and the many layers of wax and resin build and weave into an intricate web of detail.

Encaustic is the process of using paint that consists of beeswax, danmar resin, and natural pigments.  Working with a torch as her brush, the amount of heat and density of the various pigments causes the images to be fluid and ever changing, creating a language of it's own, resulting in  a uniform enamel-like finish.  

Encaustic paintings are extremely durable since beeswax is impervious to moisture. Because of this it will not deteriorate,  yellow, or darken.  Examples of encaustic paintings have survived from the Greek and Roman empires and are still as vibrant and colorful today as they were when they were painted. 

Lynne has begun utilizing beeswax harvested from local hives in her encaustic medium.  Creating one of a kind art.