'North Cornwall Coast'.jpg

Martine Baldwin

Martine studied Art and Design and Applied Arts before completing an MA in Printmaking at UWE, Bristol.  She is a member of Spike Print Studio.  She has exhibited locally and nationally, and recently exhibited with print studios in Havana and Paris.

In the last few years her work has focused on a series of woodcuts exploring the tidal landscapes of the Severn Estuary and the north coast of Cornwall.  She has always loved the feel of working with wood and feels the process of cutting away the surface lends itself to describing a landscape literally carved out by the elements.  Her method of reduction woodcut involves creating the image from a single block of wood, each layer of colour is printed and then cut away in turn until the finished image is arrived at.  The process is long, sometimes three to four months, and requires a long vision, but this allows her to explore her own layers of thought, memory and her conncection to the landscape.