Clare Cutts

Clare is a screen printer based at Spike Print Studio in Bristol. Her screen prints are inspired by the words of others: phrases, sayings, poems, and songs, from the past and the present, the well known and the everyday. Fashioned from Clare’s drawings and photographs, the prints attempt to capture the essence of those words with a simpleness of line, colour and form.

Clare’s screenprints sometimes involve the technique of embossing and etching which bring a 3D sculptural dimension to her work. In “Fig 29 with Butterflies” for example, the butterflies are literally flying out of the paper and in “Large Hilltop Trees”, her tree design shapes are embossed into the paper. By winding the big woodcuts through a huge rollered press the woodcuts get pushed into wet paper and therefore imprint themselves.  The woodcuts used in this process are also works of art in themselves.  A must-have for any stylish home