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Antonella Scarpa-Isles

Antonella Scarpa-Isles is an Italian painter and printmaker who lives and paints in South Gloucestershire.  Antonella studied fine art both in Italy and in England and has been exhibiting locally and abroad since graduating from UWE.  She was a member and the Company Secretary of Bath Artist Printmakers for many years, but has now left in order to concentrate solely on her painting.

Antonella’s imagery is inspired by local landscapes, she uses monoprint as a starting point to quickly record the idea of a place, building up the basic composition in black ink and then adding layers of colours, using various painting tools and materials.  She works in series and lets the theme develop through repetition.

Although the images are a direct response to the landscape, they attempt to capture a mood rather than a specific location, and often rely more on the memory of a place than the place itself.  Water, trees, sky and reflections and how they react with each other are the main element of her work: The reassuring strength of rooted trees which becomes fluid and ephemeral when reflected in water, the ever changing pattern of clouds, and water itself, forever flowing yet retaining a quality of stillness.