Zebras by Alexandra Spyratos

Zebras by Alexandra Spyratos

Alexandra Spyratos

International artist Alexandra Spyratos was born in Nairobi, Kenya. She lives and works in her studios in both Malindi, Kenya and Byron Bay Australia, painting for exhibitions worldwide.

Influenced by her colourful background, translating the heat and the exotic beauty of the African wildlife to canvas has become Spyratos' passion and spiritual goal. It is this deep inspiration from the heart of Africa that has emerged in Alexandra's painting of the wildlife and has evolved into a style that straddles all genre and is uniquely her own.  Her medium sees a diverse direction evolving into the elegance of gold, silver and copper leaf combined with fluorescence. 

Alexandra's career as a professional artist spans thirty years with thirty-six solo shows behind her including Miami, New York, Sydney, Melbourne, Milan, Hong Kong, Uganda, Kenya and Spain.  Alexandra is also a prolific muralist, creating murals worldwide and more recently being involved in volunteer work with C.I.S.P, painting murals with school children in Kenya, educating in art.  Through her art she supports various charities including African Rainforest Conservancy (NY), C.I.S.P, African Leaf, Byron Bay Breast cancer Support Group, Leopardess Foundation, Space for Giants and the Sheldrick Foundation.

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